Building 'Local' has been a dream of ours since we moved into Montclair to raise our family about 15 years ago. In this time, we have carefully curated our favorite food and beverage products from the tri-state area with a particular focus on Brooklyn and Upstate New York.  We are excited to introduce them to you, super-fresh and with lots of love in our beautifully designed shop. Please take a moment of your day to stop by and enjoy a delicious cup of Irving Farm coffee or Tay Tea and some treats. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Story

Robert was introduced into the hospitality industry at a very early age at his NYC family owned and operated business. 'Milady's Bar', the famous dive bar and restaurant in the heart of Greenwich Village served neighborhood residents for over 50 years. It was here where he came to understand the importance of community hubs where locals could gather and spend some time together. Robert graduated with a degree in Hospitality and established a love of coffeehouses and coffee culture during these formidable years working in the restaurant industry. Time spent in Europe and on the West Coast in Venice Beach sealed the deal to one day open his own shop. At Local, he brings together the best of these practices and environments for his neighbors in Montclair, New Jersey.

Adele was born in Palermo, Sicily and came to the United States when she was just 7 years old. Adele's family brought old world Italian culture to New York maintaining many of the traditions focused squarely on family and the bringing everyone together frequently to break bread over a meal. Coffee culture was prominent in her house as the perfect punctuation to the meal or a time to pause during the day and take stock of what's really important. Adele brings a warm sense of family and community to the space and is responsible for hand selecting the delicious pastries that will be available at Local.


Robert and Adele have two children, Nicolette and Giovanni and a rescue Pitbull/ Border Collie mix (Max) that they are raising right here in Montclair, New Jersey.