Local Talk: Interview with Local Artist Qua Rosario

Tell us how you first became interested in the craft of writing.

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I first became interested in writing around 7th grade. That’s when I realized I could quickly come up with creative stories and I enjoyed it.


Many people dream of writing a book but very few take the leap of faith and put pen to paper. Did you face a similar challenge? 

No. One day I was browsing the shelves for a new book to read and there was nothing that moved me, so I decided to write one myself.  I raced home and just started free writing. There were times when it was a struggle to focus or find the right transition, but you just push through.


What advice can you give to those seeking to become an author?

Go for it.


Please share the premise of your new book.

Rixew Awakening is about a young boy, Sailen, and girl, Meerah, who are forced upon their wits into action, adventure, and a world of mythology when they find out they are decedents of an ancient race of outlawed, magical mortals, now hunted by the empire. In their rural upbringing, their families sheltered them from their heritage and the persecution of their race. Now, Sailen and Meerah must decide how their awakening will shape their future, and that of family, friends, and race.

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What is it about the fantasy genre that is most appealing to you?

I find fantasy most appealing because of the excitement and adventure. The imagination and thrill of breaking barriers of the expected characters and physical world. There are no limitations.


What writers have inspired you, past and present?

Older writers that I find inspiring are Edgar Allen Poe and J. R. R. Tolkien, more recently, J. K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, and Anthony Bourdain.  


How has living in the Montclair area contributed to your approach?

Living in the Montclair area has allowed me to engage local resources to share and spread the word about the book. People are very supportive and quick to provide a valuable reference or tip. 


What are you working on now, any plans you can share with us?

Right now I’m focusing on marketing for Rixew Awakening, along with co-writing a rom-com movie script. Around summer I plan to begin working on my next book.


Tell us something about writing that only you or few people know.

The creative process is a lot of fun.


What is your favorite coffee or tea beverage?

My favorite coffee beverage is a well made frozen or iced, caramel espresso drink.